Thursday, February 26, 2009

Versaci Zips it with style

When a parcel arrived recently my daughter got very excited as the sender was named Versaci-I think she misread it as Versace and thought Mum had splashed out on couture.
Of course it was something so much more interesting. Somewhat obsessed with vintage zippers AmaliaVersaci uses them as a base material for her jewelry. I bought two zipper chains- one for a present, one for myself and love it. The perfect weight and colors it is one of those pieces where only after closer examination you realize the chain links are in fact zip sliders. She also fashions these into earrings in a very successful way. Gift boxed and with fast shipping from NJ to Auckland I can't fault this inventive recycled jewelery.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My new Etsy purchase

This wonderful wall-hung sculpture is from doubleparlour a brilliantly whimsical shop on Etsy- check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Punishment for being mean to my son

A few posts ago I played a mean trick on my half asleep son and now I'm getting the karmic payback. My current studio is in a large company building and they are changing their communications system to go fibre-optic. What does this mean to me?
Two things- I have diggers working just outside my studio drilling holes for cable which is extremely noisy and could take a few weeks! When completed however the new system will be lightning fast. I am hooked into that system- yay.
In the meantime the workday fashion will be taking a nosedive. No point getting fussy with the hairdo right?
Here's hoping there are no major vibrations with all that drilling- yikes!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kraftbomb this sunday


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The $10 wall- no really!

In my new space I have bars on the windows which don't open AND we've had the hottest summer day in Auckland since 1868.This doesn't matter because the noisy old air conditioning units keep my paint from drying on my brush and me cool enough to do my thing.
The bars have their uses though as I'm able to bend my hangers around them and display my seconds. Most are flawed in some way- a hairline, chip or some heat marks, but at $10 a plate whose nit-picking...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mean things to do to your son when he's half asleep on the job

Just hold this plate for a sec and don't worry I'm using the zoom......
Why is it every time he comes to work for me he falls asleep? He's just not that into my work, I'm guessing- the dreams are better!

Monday, February 9, 2009

While I'm away

Now that I'm doing the full trad working week I look forward to the weekend more than ever.
So hubby and I head north to the Kaipara Harbour to our old boatshed on the wharf road Whakapirau. We have three buildings that sit on the Queens chain, so you don't own the land just the buildings. The main shed is 135 years old but relocated up the harbour in the 50s. The out-buildings are from different eras- one a former grain store from the early 1900s, the other a roadworks building from the 60s.
Together they are our humble rustic little get away from home and the city....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

History on the right

This is my present blog but if are interested in the past adventures of trixiedelicious check out my blog at wordpress with the link on the right.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best of Intentions

The last year and a bit has been hectic for my business, growing from an idea to make and sell some art to a full time 9-6pm working week.
The key word here is art, as my first passion, this is the main focus behind Vandalized Vintage so it always surprises me a little when people inquire about the use of my plates.
While the product I paint with, Pebeo, a porcelain paint from France is a difficult medium to use it is also the only product gentle enough to add or fuse to old plates. This is simply done by baking in the oven at a low temperature of 150 after a bonding period of no less than 12hrs. The results do vary- certain surfaces grab the paint better than others and if the surface is worn it seems to work less well, smudging or running into the crazing or worn patches.
I suggest if you want dinner ware you can thrash on an everyday basis my stuff won't do the business as that was not my intention in the first place.
And so we come back to art. My intention has always been to elevate the discarded old plate to the status of a modern design object.
Dining is still an option- finger food, cups of tea or coffee and then a gentle hand wash after.
It's all about respecting the vintage quality of the plate and appreciating the modern twist- text, drawing or statement.