Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Postcard

...and the most interesting so far I think with a selection of designs displayed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New studio in the city

I'm finally installed in my new space- a bit smaller than the last, but not as cold with a northerly window, good light and nice high ceilings. The surroundings are very pretty, as this is a Victorian heritage building restored in the 90s. Typically lively neighbourhood in the vicinity of Krd, it feels like action central.... on your marks get set go!

Etsy Press Collection

Some great Etsy news. Next weekend 30- 31st May at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in San Francisco is the Maker Faire, the biggest D I Y festival in the world.
Big sponsors are Etsy, Craft magazine, Make magazine, Google, Yahoo and many more with an audience of thousands.
Etsy requested my Beauty and Brains cup and saucer set to join their permanent press collection for the Maker Faire so they will be displayed on the Etsy stand and used for their market displays traveling around the USA.
This is a great promotional opportunity for me and I'm really excited to be taking part in this way.
If you happen to read this and are planning to go please drop me a line or send me an image....I really wish I could be there!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Plagiarism begins at home

Do you know the feeling?
After working hard on an idea for some years now, ever mindful of copyright it really gives me the shits when some lame arse gate crashes my party!
To do it right under my nose, on a NZ craft site that I built a profile with is even more infuriating.
If you wanna rip me off can you please at least try to do it with some style, not shitty stick on letters from the $2 shop on top of nasty cheap chinese made plates.
Better still, why don't you just do what the pretty lady suggests and Fuck Off altogether.....

New fave font

I love this new font, it's fun to paint, called carbon type it has that smudgy typewriter look, very hip and worthy of a brain dead plate certainly...coming to Etsy or maybe Kraftbomb, I can't decide...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yoko Ono

Dear God,
If I try and be good from now on,
can I please look as hot as Yoko Ono when
I'm in my 70s?
Thanks Trixie xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ON the Move Again groan

Two reasons to move;
Builders are building a fire proof wall and taking out the light in my studio as dictated by the council.
Corporate paranoia within the building my studio is in has resulted in a firewall installation which slows my Etsy connection.
That was what I thought but breaking news is that Telstra is to blame. After the building owners put in a new expensive fibre optic system it now doesn't connect very well to some major American sites- Etsy being one of them! So much for being the new hip internet provider.
*** If you are an Etsy user DO NOT move to Telstra- they suck!!****

Of course moving a tonnage of china is no easy process so I may be hard to communicate with for a few weeks while I get sorted.
I am quite glad to be moving from Twatsville and its fibre optic nightmare, the honeymoon is most definitely over.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ghost in the Machine

Found on flickr iri5 cassette tape masterpieces... check out Bob Ian and Tom in particular!