Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best of Intentions

The last year and a bit has been hectic for my business, growing from an idea to make and sell some art to a full time 9-6pm working week.
The key word here is art, as my first passion, this is the main focus behind Vandalized Vintage so it always surprises me a little when people inquire about the use of my plates.
While the product I paint with, Pebeo, a porcelain paint from France is a difficult medium to use it is also the only product gentle enough to add or fuse to old plates. This is simply done by baking in the oven at a low temperature of 150 after a bonding period of no less than 12hrs. The results do vary- certain surfaces grab the paint better than others and if the surface is worn it seems to work less well, smudging or running into the crazing or worn patches.
I suggest if you want dinner ware you can thrash on an everyday basis my stuff won't do the business as that was not my intention in the first place.
And so we come back to art. My intention has always been to elevate the discarded old plate to the status of a modern design object.
Dining is still an option- finger food, cups of tea or coffee and then a gentle hand wash after.
It's all about respecting the vintage quality of the plate and appreciating the modern twist- text, drawing or statement.

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