Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ON the Move Again groan

Two reasons to move;
Builders are building a fire proof wall and taking out the light in my studio as dictated by the council.
Corporate paranoia within the building my studio is in has resulted in a firewall installation which slows my Etsy connection.
That was what I thought but breaking news is that Telstra is to blame. After the building owners put in a new expensive fibre optic system it now doesn't connect very well to some major American sites- Etsy being one of them! So much for being the new hip internet provider.
*** If you are an Etsy user DO NOT move to Telstra- they suck!!****

Of course moving a tonnage of china is no easy process so I may be hard to communicate with for a few weeks while I get sorted.
I am quite glad to be moving from Twatsville and its fibre optic nightmare, the honeymoon is most definitely over.....

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  1. Sorry that hasn't worked out for you! Where will you set up?