Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trixie History

PLAGIARISM is rife in the craft scene and I was even accused of it myself recently by a local imitator who started after me and has been operating a mere 2 years.
My work in ceramics however predates the internet by a decade as this image shows.
Trixie Delicious is an internet brand I established in 2006 to keep my online persona and private life separate. The inspiration for my work goes back to my time at Elam 1982-87 where I completed a BFA in Sculpture with honours.
I sold reworked ceramics under my name Karen Dennis from 1990- the freedom plate above-at WORLD in high st when it was just one little store. They now stock my trixiedelicious brand.
I also sold my ceramics through The Fish Shop Gallery (Ponsonby) in the early 90s where I had two solo exhibitions.
While we all enjoy the internet it is wise to remember it has a very short history unlike people and their ongoing art processes- mine spanning almost 3 decades.

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